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Remote Control for Crane Overhead

Skyzonetech is manufacturing various high quality modern security control system which is essential used in Industrial and civil development as building, reconstructions, productivity and lifting all heavy material or vehicle. This article gives information about Overhead Crane Remote which is mainly used for Heavy weight lifting or controlling crane.
Overhead Crane Remote Controls
If an independent running pushbutton radio remote control is allowed for as the all control system...

An overhead crane is a bigger device of lifting, often used in large manufacturing industries. They lift and move weight across a track by means of remote control. These are a fixed device as almost certainly not as versatile as the mobile gantry.
The Overhead Crane Remote Control including with following functions; 
Overhead Crane Remote Controls

Product Name- S-10 Overhead Remote Control

  • 10 Single /Double step operating Push Button.
  • Warning Device (Battery Voltage).
  • Safety Key Switch for Operator.
  • Power Key or another function can start through computer system.
  • Durable Nylon Fiber Housing
  • 4.3 Billion Unique ID Code
  • Hamming Code
  • Improved Watchdog Timer to Enhance

  • Up to 100 Meter – Control System
  • 32- Bit Security Code
  • - 40 ‘C- 80 ‘C   Temperature Range
  • IP 65 ( IP Protection Class )
  • Transmitter Power is 3V DC
  • Receiver Power is 440V AC
  • Capacity 5 A ( AC 250V/10A Relays ) Sealed Relay Output

Skyzonetech provide broad effective unexpectable performance of the modern technology devices with every task as well as covering long term service. Outfitting the crane truck with safety equipments such as a wireless remote control is useful as well. This Device gives the operator the power to control the equipment while getting into a more secure location and position.

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