Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wireless Remote for Heavy Duty Crane

Since, Technology is essential factor of industrial plan, so don’t take any action for your further appliance where need wireless remote. Since remote control tech is spread wider in “Radio Frequency Technology”.
“Wireless Remote Control used for safety, security and save your money.”

Wireless Remote for Heavy Duty Crane

Wireless Remote control is term of Heavy Duty Remote Control which used industrial appliance like crane and more. You can easy to control with wireless remote which is easy to use and light weight products with advance features like expect-able range of control is up to 100 meter and AC 250V/10A output contact capacity.

Wireless Remote Control is mainly two parts like.
Transmitter part is basically divided two components as RF remote control and transmitter module.
Receiver part super-regenerative receiver and super hetero-dyne receive.   

Wireless Remote Advantages:-

Flexibility – With the wireless remote, setup time is significantly reduced.
Cost – it is large cost savings via reduced downtime and installation labor.
Security – No need of unauthorized access wall for any uses.

They are extremely cheap and easy to install and maintain as they do not rely upon complicated and expensive devices. Regularly reduce distance limit with this controlling devices. sets the highest standards of quality, reliability, durability, and safety in radio remote controls for overhead crane applications.

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